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I'm trying this game out, and I'm unable to see or use my controllers.  I'm using WindowsMR, which according to a steam comment sounds like it should work.  Is the version different?  (Purchased through bundle)

It was fun go play around in. I couldn't get past the stone dude part. I hope the game becomes easier. I'm 21.

Is this playable without VR (on something of a potato)?

it is not, this game requires vr to play


I saw your game in the bundle and had to chuckle. I'm working on my own game prototype and this is the starting area. (OK, I moved the rowboat to be in the shot but still).

Can't wait to play your game when I get VR.

I just purchased your game through a Bundle so it comes without Steam key... but still needs steam VR to run.
When I try to launch it, it only opens steam on the purchase page. Is there any way to launch the game without steam ?
Thanks for you help.

okay, just figured out the issue, the new build should fix steam launching :), thanks for purchasing the bundle!


Your update works perfectly. Thanks for the very fast answer.
Time to go explore these lands :-)