You play as four ducks who have managed to get into a vehicle! 

Keep their feet under control, as they will touch ANYTHING in range!

Collect as much BREAD in the Time limit!

Don't bump into OBSTACLES as your car will eventually break!


Click and drag the feet around the vehicle to interact with your car controls.


Left/Right of the Steering wheel to turn!

Up/Down Buttons to go FASTER or BACKWARDS!

Honk Quack to woop your horn!

Avoid the Cigarette Lighter or their little feeties will go so fast! 

Will you make it to BREAVEN?



Download 34 MB


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Ok please at least make it so you can experience the game. Wow. I cant do anything.

Nice concept and lovely/funny  art style. A bit hard to controle, but i guess that is kind of the point :'p

Punishingly Hard! Nice Music though :)

I really like how you took "Out of Control" with the duck hands and made normal parts of a game harder to do. Definitely challenging.

Had difficulty getting the car to move. The ducks' feet moved very quickly!

Das Oettinger Radler unter den Jam-Spielen

It's an interesting concept, though for the life of me I can't get the car to do anything. Once I get stuck, even if I click the ducks away from everything but the command I want, I still don't seem to get out of that spot before the timer runs out. It might be easier to do something if the ducks had a (longer?) minimum time they stay in one place un-clicked. It's also unclear when the ducks actually act on a button, do they do it continuously? after a short delay? Whatever it is, maybe it could use some tweaking.

The environment looks really good! so it's too bad I didn't manage to see more of it.

You need to move the ducks feet in and out of the areas. They move at a certain speed to make it harder, otherwise it would be too easy ;)